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Biggest catalogue

1,00,000+ FMCG items

4,00,000+ Medicines

with Pictures & API content

Find in-stock alternatives in real-time while billing
and reduce customer bounce rate.

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Cloud Based Software

Be always connected with your Pharmacy with cloud technology. Monitor your Medical store from anywhere

Unlimited and Free support

Our support team is always ready to assist you. One of the strong reasons why our customers rate us high is the best customer support

Reliable Technology

Your PC crashed? Got virus? Your data is absolutely safe with eVitalRx cloud based technology

Easy on pocket

Spend less, Earn more. Plans start at just Rs. 3500/ year. Only mobile version is always Free!

Creating quick invoices is just the beginning

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Tablet Plan of eVitalRx Top Billing and inventory management software for Pharmacy in India. ERP, CRM, Multiple logins

Tablet Plan

3,500 / year

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Capsule Plan of eVitalRx the best Pharmacy Software with features like billing, inventory management, ERP, CRM

Capsule Plan

7,000 / year

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Inventory Management 



Digital Shortbook 



Unlimited CSV Upload 



FMCG Barcode Scan 



Unlimited Invoices 



Unlimited Multi-device logins 



Mobile & Web - Full Access 



QR Code System 



Staff Logins 



Customer App & Store Webpage 



Reminders, Greetings, Offers 



Expense Manager 



Daily Stock Reconciliation 



Multiple options
to redeem the VitalCoins

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  • Get Branding Materials
  • Deliveries, WhatsApp / SMS

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APIs & Webhooks

Pharmacy warehouse management software with Mobile application for ordering medicine. Best medical billing software of India

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eVitalRx becomes First Pharma ERP system integrated into ONDC Network

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eVitalRx FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get started with eVitalRx software?

    You can Sign up on the eVitalRx website or by registering on the eVitalRx App. Your 7-day Free Trial will start automatically. No payment or credit card details required for Sign up or Free trial. A demo expert will connect with you for a Full Product Demo. You can book your Free Demo here

  • How can I contact eVitalRx team in case of support?

    You can contact our Unlimited and Free support via call or raise a ticket. More information is available on our support page.

  • How are updates and new features delivered to the pharmacy software?

    Since eVitalRx is cloud-based software, it gets updated automatically. You do not need to update the software manually. We keep on introducing new features based on feedback from pharmacists across India. You can find the latest new features in the What's New section.

  • Is the pharmacy software capable of generating labels? And what information will be printed on it?

    Absolutely. With eVitalRx you can generate your own customized QR codes with all information like MRP, Expiry, Location, Product name, Distributor name and Your Pharmacy name. Read more about the requirements and suggested printers.

  • What are the reporting and analytics features available in the pharmacy software?

    eVitalRx provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track sales, inventory levels, patient data, staff performance, accounting, and more. These insights help pharmacies make informed decisions, identify trends, and improve overall performance.

  • Is the pharmacy software user-friendly and easy to learn for the pharmacy staff?

    Pharmacists love eVitalRx because of its user-friendly interface. The dashboard is neat and clean without any clutter. Creating invoices and using the software is very easy on eVitalRx. The new staff with basic knowledge of computers can start billing within a few minutes.

  • How can I bring the procurement cost down by using eVitalRx?

    eVitalRx software compares the margin in real-time with previous invoices. It draws your attention immediately to the products where your Margin or Discount has been dropped. This inventory management software also alerts you if there is any change in MRP to PTR rates. The best part is that all this happens in real-time, with no manual searching for previous bills and comparison of each product with their distributor names. Read our blog about best practices on how to manage your inventory.

  • Who can use eVitalRx software?

    eVitalRx is designed to fulfill the needs of all types of Pharmacy Businesses. Whether you have a Large Medical Store, Small Retail Pharmacy Store, Clinical Pharmacy, Chain Pharmacy, or Generic Pharmacy Store or you have a Health Tech Pharmacy Business, you can use eVitalRx and grow your business. With the latest updates, now eVitalRx can also be used for B2B pharmacy businesses. I.e. Wholesale Medicine Business.

  • How can eVitalRx pharmacy software benefit my pharmacy business?

    eVitalRx is a cloud-based pharmacy software that can be accessed using a PC or mobile. You can monitor your pharmacy from anywhere. eVitalRx has many benefits such as in-built CRM tools to retain your customers, an intelligent machine learning system for the procurement process, an inventory management system that ensures there is ZERO loss on expiry items, Staff management for performance tracking, GST-compliant reports, and much more. In all, eVitalRx will help you grow your pharmacy business and increase profitability

  • I have a clinic with EMR software. How can I use eVitalRx for my clinical pharmacy?

    eVitalRx software is integrated with most EMR software used by Clinics. It is also integrated with electronic health record (EHR) system. When the Doctor writes a prescription in the EMR, he can see the real-time medicine inventory and alternatives available at the Clinical Pharmacy store.

  • I have a Chain Pharmacy business with multiple locations. Does the eVitalRx support multiple locations or branches?

    Yes. You can manage all your branches from a centralized location easily with eVitalRx Medical Billing Software. We have centralized inventory management and a centralized accounting system. Our inter-branch stock auto reallocation feature ensures that medicines are always available at branches where there is demand for it. All Sales, Purchase, and Stock related data is available to you in real time. You can also read our blog on How to find the right software for a Pharmacy Chain

  • I have a Large Retail Pharmacy. Can I use eVitalRx Billing Software for my Medical Store?

    Yes, we have perfect solutions for Large Pharmacies like Staff Management, Business Monitoring and Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Auto PO generation facility and many more. Book your Free Demo to know why eVitalRx is best Pharmacy Billing and Inventory Management Software for Large retail pharmacies.

  • I have a Generic Pharmacy Store. Can I use eVitalRx Medical Billing Software for my Generic Store?

    Absolutely you can. In fact, we have solved the biggest problem faced by Generic Pharmacy Stores of finding the in-stock alternatives. We have a unique solution where you can convert Rx to Gx in just 1 click.

  • Do you have any features for Warehouse Management for my Pharmacy Business?

    Yes, we have a dedicated app - TrackRx for warehouse management. TrackRx is tailored to meet the needs of Large Retail Pharmacies, Chain Pharmacies, Distributors, Pharmacy Warehouse.

  • How does eVitalRx ensure Fast Billing?

    For medicines, you can print the QR codes (in-built feature) and scan the medicines while billing. FMCG items can be simply scanned from the pack as we have a huge catalogue of 1,00,000+ FMCG items. So all the products in your Pharmacy store can quickly be scanned to create an invoice in a few seconds.

  • How to find alternatives in eVitalRx. Especially new staff doesn’t know about the content and alternatives, how will they serve the customers so that customers do not leave us?

    We have a huge catalogue of 4,00,000+ medicines in our database with API content, dosage formulation, pictures, and more information fed into the software. While billing, the software automatically shows the in-stock alternatives. Your staff does not need to go to Google or any other website to find alternatives. All information is available right here in eVitalRx medical billing software. This will help you bring the customer bounce rate to Zero. The new staff can also look at the pictures in the software to find medicines quickly.

  • Does the software offer support for barcode scanning?

    Yes. You can scan FMCG item directly from their barcode. eVitalRx has a catalogue of 1,00,000+ FMCG items that can be scanned. And we keep adding new products to this list daily! For medicines, you can print QR codes using eVitalRx software and then scan and bill the medicines too. This ensures that the billing process is fast and accurate.

  • Can I see the patient's purchase history while billing?

    Absolutely. Patients’ purchase history is available to see while billing on the same screen. You can view all previous purchases for the patient in a single click as well.

  • Can I manage deliveries on eVitalRx software?

    Yes. You will have 2 options for delivery. Either your staff can do the delivery, or you can book any of the delivery partners that are integrated with eVitalRx software. Currently, we have partnered with Dunzo. If you choose to get the deliveries done by your staff, then you can use our own delivery app VitRun. You can download the VitRun app from Play Store.

  • Can eVitalRx help in managing inventory and maintaining stock levels?

    Yes. eVitalRx has an Inventory management system that guides you to have optimal stock of medicines. It also has an alert system for near-expiry items. An automatic PO generation feature is also available which triggers when the stock levels reach the minimum pre-defined levels.

  • Can eVitalRx software send reminders to patients?

    Yes. eVitalRx has the best customer relationship management system in place. You can send all kinds of reminders to patients like Refill reminders, Pill reminders, and Payment reminders. These can be automated or manual reminders. You can choose which reminders you want to send as per your requirement.

  • Can I send WhatsApp to customers from eVitalRx?

    Yes. We have integrated WhatsApp with eVitalRx so you can easily share invoices, Payment links, reminders, greetings, and offers with your customers. You can also send SMS with eVitalRx Medical Billing Software.

  • Do you have a Customer Loyalty Program?

    Yes, eVitalRx has an inbuilt feature of Loyalty Program for customer retention. It can be customized as per your needs. For more details visit Loyalty Program page.

  • Is eVitalRx compliant with Indian regulations and Data Security standards?

    We comply with all regulatory requirements of India. eVitalRx servers are hosted with encryption inside Amazon Cloud. Using eVitalRx Pharmacy Software guarantees that your data is highly secure. eVitalRx is regularly updated (automatically) to enhance security against the latest viruses and threats. You can learn more about the steps we take to protect your data in our blog on Data Security and Data Privacy

  • What measures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of patient data within the pharmacy software?

    We take data privacy and data security very seriously. Our Privacy Policy has been carefully crafted. We make sure we don't break the trust of our customers anytime. You can read eVitalRx Privacy Policy here

  • Is Demo, Training, and Support included with the purchase or is it chargeable?

    We provide Free Demo, Free Training, and Free Support to our customers. We also have a knowledge base and videos available Free of cost. You can book your free demo here.

  • What are the different pricing plans or subscription options available for the eVitalRx Medical Billing Software?

    eVitalRx is one of the most affordable Pharmacy Billing Software in India. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

  • Is eVitalRx Medical Billing Software Free to use?

    Yes. You can use our Lifetime Free version on your mobile.

  • Are there any limits on invoices? Do you charge more if I make more invoices?

    No, there is no limit on invoices. You can create unlimited invoices in all our plans, even in the Free Plan!

  • Can I use eVitalRx on multiple devices? What is the additional cost?

    You can use eVitalRx on as many devices as you like. It is absolutely free. There is no limit on the number of devices. It also works simultaneously on PC and mobile devices.

  • How many user logins do I get for Free? Do I need to pay for extra user logins?

    You will get 6 user logins Free with Capsule Plan. Thereafter, if you need more user logins for your staff, you can pick an Add On that will give for 4 extra user logins. For details see our pricing page.