Running Pharmacy is now Super Easy

Auto payment reconciliation, Refill reminders, Sending invoice
on WhatsApp and much more

Auto payment reconciliation, Refill reminders, Sending invoice How to send refill reminders to patient
                        Pharmacy chain management software

Truly Digital

eVitalRx Pharmacy ERP system will digitize your pharmacy completely.


Customizable invoice formats

Your pharmacy name, QR code, Special offer anything else you like. All on your invoice


Credit customers are not a worry anymore

Tired of chasing your customers for payments?

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Automatically send invoices to customers on sms/whatsapp

Just don't forget to take customer's contact number, rest will be done by eVitalRx software

  • WhatsApp is the Quickest way to send invoices

    Send invoices by just 1 click !

  • Some people still prefer sms

    You can send invoice details on sms as well

  • Instant correction, if required

    Customers can see the invoice and if required, they can ask for corrections instantly

Collect payment online

No cash handling issues, payments directly to your account

  • Invoices have unique QR code for payment

    Print your customized invoices with your QR code

  • Payment in seconds with WhatsApp invoices

    Since invoices can be shared on WhatsApp, customers can directly make payments from the link given to them

  • Payment Link on SMS

    You can even ask for payments using SMS feature by sending the customers link for making payments

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Online payments
get reconciled automatically

Don't spend hours in reconciling the account statements

  • Artificial Intelligence at work !

    Our AI does all the hard work and reconciliation is done instantly

  • Payment reminders

    Send reminders to customers

  • Refill reminders

    Customers get refill reminder notifications every month

Flexible Package options
Always free version for App


With deep knowledge of our software and your pharmacy, eVitalRx support team members are committed to your success

Monday to Saturday. 10 am to 7 pm


Our implementation team will remotely configure your PC to set you up for making profits

Technical experts will guide you with step by step onboarding process


Get help when you need it. Access our Demo videos on YouTube with explanation of each feature and how you can use them

We also conduct "Chai Pe Charcha" every Saturday at 4 pm to solve your queries and get valuable feedbacks