A Powerful Artificial Intelligence tool specially built for Your Pharmacy Business

Your Business Partner that works 24*7

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your Pharmacy

Save Money. Save Time. Grow Business.

Auto-Pilot Purchase System

Item selection to Distributor Selection.
Sending Orders to Post-purchase Analysis. Completely Automated.

Item Selection, Distributor Selection

Using Sales trends and Seasonal cycles to select Items to be ordered. You can also create your own Algo to tune your own needs.

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Order Communication & Inward

Send detailed PO to your Distributors, via Email/Whatsapp for seamless communication and fast & easy Inward system.

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Post-Purchase Analysis

Analyze and grade your Distributors and Purchase decisions, TAT, Bounce and Dump Analysis - we got all things covered.

Operational Analysis

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How is your store performing?

What you can't meausure, you can't manage. Charts & Statistics to evaluate your Performance.

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Intelligent Alerts - Just what you need to know.

Reports are outdated, time-consuming and laborious. We believe in Alerts, Intelligent Alerts.

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Everything you need to know. In 10 mins a day.

Who has time for 20 different reports? Your AI business partner at work for you 24*7

Customer Service

Deliver High Class Customer Service without additional resources

Customer Churn Alerts

You worked hard to build your Customer base. Sahaai will help you keep them.

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Audio & IVR Refill Reminders

In your melodious voice. Give personal touch. Why? Your Customer loves & trusts you.

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1 Click Rx to Gx

Convert whole prescription into Generic in just 1 click and Reduce customer bounce rate

Inventory Management & Performance Monitoring

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Reduce Expiries & Unnecessary Inventory

Dynamically and Intelligence driven Min-Max along with Expiry Optimization at Sales.

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Key Performance Indicators

Inventory Turnover, Non-moving to Sales ratio, Bounce to Sales ratio - Indicators to evaluate overtime Performance

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Alerts on Suspicious billing, Payments and Distributor quality fluctuations