Loyalty Program

Get more loyal customers and grow your business.

Loyalty Membership Program for Customer Retention & Engagement

  • Reduce Marketing costs
  • Customized Membership Plans
  • Give out loyalty points instead of discounts
  • Customers can redeem points when they come next time
  • Get more loyal customers and grow your business
  • Issue customized Loyalty card to customer with your Pharmacy name and other details
  • Customer Loyalty is Natural (and Free!) Word-of-Mouth Marketing

How it works?

Loyalty points calculation for pharmacy store. evitalrx Software for pharmacy with loyalty points calculation. get more loyal customers

Pharmacists will set an X % discount into each category in his loyalty settings.

Loyalty points system for pharmacy stores chain pharmacy large pharmacy. evitalrx pharmacy software with loyalty points system

At time of any purchases, a customer will get X number of points into his/her account.

Loyalty points stars system colorful. get more loyal customers for your pharmacy. medical store loyalty points system evitalrx software

On upcoming orders, Customer can redeem that X points as well as earn new points.



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Technical experts will guide you with step by step onboarding process


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