API Product

As an infrastructure, we provide API products to support 3rd party apps to use our platform.

EMR software API integration.

API Product

API for all your requirements

We developed the system to be user-friendly and packed with features that benefit your business.

Clinic attached Pharmacy
EkaCare and other EMR Softwares supported

Doctor can see Real Time stock of the pharmacy before giving prescription

Alternative medicines suggested by the system for no stock items


Hardware products, like Vending Machines for Pharmacies

Not only software, we also give you the option to get products like Vending Machines from one stop

We keep adding new products that you might need to run your pharmacy smoothly


Pharmacy with
White-labeled App for its customers

Everything you need for increasing efficiency


Open Doors to new arena

API integration opens up unlimited opportunities

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For Clinical Pharmacy

Customization of prescription as per patient's need

  • Search through Inventory of a Pharmacy, before writing the Prescription

    Real-time inventory data and stock update

  • Get suggested alternative brands for the prescribed Product

    Not in stock, Not to worry. Alternatives which are available in stock are automatically populated

  • Invoice Details / Calculate Estimates

    As you prescribe, see the total bill in real-time. Change if required

  • Patient’s past Prescription history

    Patients forget to bring prescription history all the time. With eVitalRx, that issue is sorted out

For API Documentation and Information


With deep knowledge of our software and your pharmacy, eVitalRx support team members are committed to your success

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Our implementation team will remotely configure your PC to set you up for making profits

Technical experts will guide you with step by step onboarding process


Get help when you need it. Access our Demo videos on YouTube with explanation of each feature and how you can use them

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