Providing a comprehensive solution for the challenges faced by Pharmacists, Doctors and Health Techs of India

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We Listen

Having a customer centric approach, we always listen carefully to our customers. Feedbacks from our customers are crucial for our success. Our team is constantly looking for valuable feedbacks and we act on it in the best possible way we can.

Founding Story

Truth be told, eVitalRx was a completely different thing. When we started a company, we wanted to build a hyperlocal solution for medicine delivery, kind of like Uber but for medicines. However, locating medicines’ availability was a challenge and integrating into the ERP system of pharmacies was not possible. Think of it, like, we wanted to build an Uber, but GPS wasn’t invented. So, we pivoted towards building a GPS itself. 2 years later, we did! While building this GPS, we have developed a fully vertical SaaS platform for retail pharmacies that allow Indian pharmacies to carry out everything they need to run their pharmacies productively and profitably. This includes, managing inventory to Billing, Customer Relationship to Schedule/GST Reports.

Today, eVitalRx represents the fastest growing software for retail pharmacies and essentially has secured a position of “Operating System of Pharmacies in India”. What started among 5 friends 2 years ago in a 50 sq. ft. office in Ahmedabad, is on its way to become one of the most revolutionary company that Pharma supply chain in India has ever seen.

The People Behind eVitalRx

Kaushal Shah

CEO & Founder

Chintan Patel

CTO & Founding Member

Aagam Jain

Head of API Products & Founding Member

Raumil Shah

Head of Fintech & Founding Member

Ajay Modi

Head of Sales & Support

Mitul Modi

Head of Design

Jignesh Parmar

Engineering & Development

Avi Patel

Manager (Inside Sales)


Empowering Patients. Empowering Pharmacies.