A Guide to Cloud-based software migration for Pharmacy Business

First of all, let us agree that cloud-based solutions have revolutionized our lives. We use cloud-based solutions every day. When we update our status on social media, shop online, watch new web series on our mobile phones, use UPI for payments, or even check our bank accounts, we are actually using cloud services. Cloud is all around us. Your pharmacy business can take advantage of cloud-based solutions too. The sooner you migrate to cloud-based pharmacy software, the better it is for your business.

There are many advantages of eVitalRx, and some of them are made possible because of the extensive use of advanced cloud-based technology in eVitalRx. Just to name a few of those benefits, you can use your mobile for billing and your pharmacy inventory is always available with you on your mobile. You can see real-time reports even from your vacation. Send payment links to customers and when they pay, the payments get reconciled automatically. Integrations are made available due to cloud-based technology. eVitalRx has seamless integration with Gmail, WhatsApp, PayTm, and government initiatives like ABHA & ONDC. A centralized catalogue is made available to all the pharmacies using eVitalRx software which makes billing and stock management super easy. The best part is that the new products coming into the market get updated in the software with all the important details. Online orders, deliveries, tracking, and sharing information with customers in real-time, are all made possible with eVitalRx.

There are some misconceptions about cloud-based solutions. There are major 2 factors that come to people’s minds when they think about cloud-based software. Data Security & Data Privacy. In this blog, we will look at these factors in detail.

Data Security

Data Breach

You must have heard about the term ‘Data encryption’. But what is Data Encryption? To put it in simple terms, Data encryption is a way to protect information by converting data into a secret code. Instead of sending the data as plain text, the software transforms it using a special mathematical process called encryption. It helps protect against unauthorized access and keeps your information safe from hackers. Before opting for a cloud-based Medical Billing Software, always check if the servers are hosted with encryption or not. Offline software are not known to have data encryption technology. All eVitalRx servers are hosted with encryption inside Amazon Cloud. Using eVitalRx Pharmacy Software guarantees that your data is highly secure.

User Access and logs

Maintaining control over user access and monitoring user activity is crucial for protecting sensitive data. Some of the cloud-based pharmacy software solutions offer user access controls, allowing administrators to define user roles and permissions. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. Every user can be given role-based access. Example: a cashier will have access to all features related to cash only. Such role-based permissions prevent unauthorized access and maintain data integrity. Additionally, reputable software providers implement audit trails, which record user actions within the system.. All logs are kept for future reference, so the management can know who did what and when.

WiFi IP address-based Access

It might surprise you that some advanced cloud software allow you to set up access restrictions based on IP address. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. eVitalRx Pharmacy software allows users to log in only if they are connected to a particular WiFi with a specific IP address. All other internet connections are blacklisted automatically. This means, your staff cannot log in on their mobile device if they are not connected to your network. With eVitalRx, you can be rest assured that your data cannot be accessed if the user is not in your medical store premises.

Loss of data

What happens to your data if your PC gets damaged or stolen? You will have the data only until you took the last manual backup at a separate place. An unsecured software is vulnerable to disruptions, such as system failures, malware attacks, thefts, or natural disasters. These disruptions can result in data loss. Cloud-based Pharmacy software eVitalRx solves this problem as there is no need to take manual data backup. This ensures business continuity even if something goes wrong. All your data stays in the cloud in real-time. Just log in from any other PC or mobile and you have all your data with you. PC crashes, Hard Disk issues, Virus, all have no impact on your data with cloud-based medical software.

Security Updates

Just like everything else in the world, hackers/viruses evolve too. They find new and innovative ways of attacking software. The onus is on the software to keep abreast of these new techniques. Due to this reason, we often see “update required” notifications on our PC and Mobiles. These are not just features or beautification updates, sometimes these are crucial security updates. Since the cloud-based software is not installed on your PC, it updates automatically. You don't have to do any manual updates. Thus keeping you safe with regular security updates as and when required.

Who is responsible for Data Security?

Data security cannot be done only by software providers. A software with the highest security features may be of no use if you do not follow the best practices to secure your data at your Pharmacy Store level. You need to use tools like access restriction based on roles and IP address to ensure authorized access. eVitalRx ensures that YOU are in full control of your data.

Data Privacy

Although it differs from company to company in how they use customer data. At eVitalRx, we have a well-defined Privacy Policy which ensures that your data and your customer’s data are absolutely safe and secure.

We have a commitment to Privacy: We assure you that your data will never be used for unsolicited spamming.

We also commit to our customers that we do not engage in selling user data. We ensure full data confidentiality.

Indian Laws on Data Privacy

About six years ago the Supreme Court of India held privacy to be a fundamental right. Now, in 2023, The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022, is already approved by the Union Cabinet of India. Soon it is expected to be tabled in Parliament. The draft Bill defines a 'personal data breach' to mean any unauthorized processing or accidental disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction of personal data, that compromises its confidentiality, integrity, or availability. Heavy penalties are proposed for non-compliance of Data Privacy.

eVitalRx Data Privacy Policy

At eVitalRx, we ensure that we comply with all legal requirements for data protection. Our Privacy Policy has been carefully crafted. We make sure we don't break the trust of our customers anytime. You can read eVitalRx Privacy Policy here.