Best practices to get your Pharmacy business to next level

From procurement to customer service, every step is important in order to achieve your business goals. Each step affects your pharmacy's productivity and in turn, its profitability. There may be a scope for improvement in almost every daily routine activity that you perform at your Pharmacy store. Let us look at a few actions where you can optimize the productivity of your pharmacy store and get more profitability.

How to bring your procurement cost down?

Procurement can be a headache. You have to go through the rates and discount schemes of multiple distributors manually one by one. Good software can solve this issue. Just keep adding items to short-book and the software should suggest the distributor with the best price and availability. The digital short-book can also be set to automatically update itself. For this, you can set a minimum and maximum quantity for each product. Next time, as soon as the item reaches the minimum quantity, it will be added automatically to the short-book.

If you are dealing with a new distributor for the first time, eVitalRx software also has a mechanism for Distributor Rating. Just like you check the ratings on Flipkart / Amazon, you can see the ratings given by other pharmacies to a particular distributor and decide whether to proceed with him or not. Thus ensuring you make an informed decision.

Pro-Tip: Always pay attention to the Margin rather than just looking at discount percentage.

eVitalRx software compares the margin in real-time with previous invoices. It draws your attention immediately to the products where your Margin or Discount has been dropped. This inventory management software also alerts you if there is any change in MRP to PTR rates. The best part is that all this happens in real-time, with no manual searching for previous bills and comparison of each product with their distributor names.

This procurement system helps even more when you are not available at the store and your staff is ordering items. The eVitalRx software UI is simple and easy to use. A person with minimum computer knowledge can also operate and perform the tasks like procurement very easily.

This unique procurement feature is exclusively available with eVitalRx Pharmacy Billing Software only.

How to avoid Expiry Loss?

The first way to increase profit is to avoid expiry loss. It is difficult to manually find the exact alternative which is currently in stock and near expiry. Well, it is actually not that hard when you have the right pharmacy software.

For example, to begin with, eVitalRx shows all your near-expiry items on the dashboard itself. Not only that, when you create an invoice for any customer, the software can be optimized to suggest you the best alternative which is near-expiry. All of this is done in real-time. Customers don’t have to wait while you go to Google and find alternative and then match it with your near-expiry items.


Pro-Tip: eVitalRx pharmacy software can be toggled to optimized to suggest for highest margin medicines. More margin = More profit.

How to increase the efficiency of your store?

In simple terms, increasing efficiency means doing more work in less time.

Better efficiency can be achieved by reducing manual work. Get everything in your pharmacy store on QR code or Bar code. Today, many Pharmacy billing software support QR code where you can print your own QR codes for medicines. If your medical store software is not allowing you to print your personalized QR codes, then it’s definitely time to change your Pharmacy software. It will save you a lot of time and money.

Biggest catalogue

90,000+ FMCG items

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We talked about QR codes for medicines, but what about FMCG products? Wouldn’t it be nice, if your software could directly scan FMCG products’ Bar codes! Never heard of any such software that can scan FMCG items directly? Well, that’s because there is only 1 Pharmacy Billing system in India (eVitalRx) that has this unique capability. It has got more than 90,000 FMCG product catalogue master which can be directly scanned and billed in seconds, just like they bill in supermarkets.


Whether you have a Retail Pharmacy store, Generic Pharmacy Store, Pharmacy Chain, or Clinical pharmacy, Getting more profitability from your pharmacy business is easier when you have the Best Pharmacy Billing software of India. The impact of a Pharmacy management system on your efficiency is huge and cannot be neglected. So, take your time, compare all the top pharmacy software options, and make an informed decision to grow your pharmacy business.